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The most accurate way to size your toe. Works like a belt, turn and push end through to form ring. Adjust to a snug fit that still clears the toe pad. Readjust slightly if needed to determine best fit; while ensuring sizer can be rotated around toe. Read the indicated size. Comes in an instructional envelope. May be used on fingers too.
$4.00 (price includes shipping and handling)

Size yourself:

Barefoot Bling's Printable Sizing Tool
Download Sizing Tool

  1. Before use, check that your printer is neither reducing nor enlarging the image. Printed sizing tool should measure 65mm—just under 21/2 inches.
  2. Carefully cut out the sizing tool.
  3. Wrap sizing tool snugly around the part of the toe where you want your toe ring to lay.  Generally, this is the center of the toe, below the toe pad and between the two joints.
  4. Write down the size where the number meets the edge of sizing tool.

If you feel your toe pad (tip) is much larger than the center where the ring will lay, measure the tip as well and note both sizes in the special instructions section of shopping bag. Our rings are available in half-sizes.

*Most women will wear sizes 21/2-41/2. If you size yourself above a size 5, please try another method to re-size. Men’s toes, on the other hand, can run from size 21/2 to 8.

String/Dental Floss

  1. You will need a ruler that measures in inches and mm, and string or dental floss that is not “stretchy”.
  2. Wrap string around your toe where the ring will lay. Generally between the first two joints, just below the toe pad.
  3. Mark the string where both ends meet. Be sure the string is slightly snug, but can spin around toe.
  4. Lay string flat on the mm side of the ruler, as mm measurements are generally more accurate. Use conversion chart below to determine size.
    SIZE 2 = 41mm
    SIZE 21/2 = 43mm
    SIZE 3 = 44mm
    SIZE 31/2 = 45mm
    SIZE 4 = 46mm
    SIZE 41/2 = 48mm
    SIZE 5 = 49mm
    SIZE 51/2 = 50mm
    SIZE 6 = 51mm
    SIZE 61/2 = 53mm
    SIZE 7 = 54mm
    SIZE 71/2 = 55mm

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